Incentives for Reforestation Investors

Incentives for Reforestation Investors:

• Tax deductible investment

• Tax exemption on Capital Gains, Income, Property, transfer, dividend and sales

• Needed equipment to develop a reforestation related project can be imported tax-free

• Exports to the US are tax exempt in the US

• With a $40 K investment, investor becomes eligible for Panamanian residency and a Resident Visa

• Reforestation and its industrialization investments are 100% taxable income deductible

• Reforestation related investments have tax exempt interest payments, dividend payments, and capital gains

• In Canada the investment is 91% deductible from taxable income.


A purchaser can also buy the shares of the Company that the teak farm is held in Company Incorporated in Panama, 2003

The Teak Farm qualifies purchasers/investors to the:

Panama Reforestation Visas

There are two options to choose for Panama Reforestation Visas:

1. Panama Reforestation Small Investment Visa


Panama Reforestation Small Investment Visa involves a minimum investment of $60,000 and at least (3) hectares in a government certified reforestation project. This is a six (6) year temporary resident visa, extendable every two (2) years, and cannot be converted into a permanent residency visa or lead to Panama citizenship. In addition to the named applicant personally making the investment, a corporation can also make the investment. A $2,000 investment must be made for each dependent (spouse and/or children) the applicant chooses to include.  The specific requirements can be found at Panama Better Business Bureau:

2. Panama Reforestation Large Investment Visa

by Jessica on January 10, 2012

This Residency Visa is permanent and requires an investment of $80,000 minimum as well as the purchase of at least five (5) hectares within a Panama government certified reforestation project, forest plantation, or other authorized project. This Panama Reforestation Visa can lead to Permanent Residency and then toward Panama Citizenship. After two (2) years, the applicant for the Visa can choose to become a permanent resident of Panama.


The specific requirements can be found at Panama Better Business Bureau:



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