Teak Farm For Sale- Motivated Seller – Granja teca en venta- Motivado vendedor

Titled and Certified Teak Farm for sale / Bajo el título y certificado de teca Granja en venta

 Price includes 10 year old aged Panamanian Corporation / El precio incluye el de 10 años de edad panameña Corporación
The Teak Trees have been recently harvested and your Tress will begin to re-grown themselves / Los árboles de teca han sido recientemente cosechada y su Tress comenzarán a volver a crecido a sí mismos

High Quality Real Estate Investment together with a Panamanian Citizenship Opportunity / De alta calidad de la inversión inmobiliaria, junto con una oportunidad de ciudadanía panameña

No Reasonable Offered Refused / No Ofrecido Razonable Rechazó

Professionally Appraised by a Certified Bank Appraiser in November 2012 for $310,000 USD, seller is motivated, all offers will be considered…make an offer. 

Certified Appraisal available upon request

Profesionalmente tasado por un tasador certificado del Banco en noviembre de 2012 para $ 310.000 USD, el vendedor está motivado se tendrán en cuenta todas las ofertas … hacer una oferta.


No Reasonable Offered Refused / No Ofrecido Razonable Rechazó


ANAM Registration: No. ARACH-035-2003

                 ANAM Registro: N º ARACH035-2003


For further information please email: panamateakfarm@gmail.com

Para más información por favor escriba a: panamateakfarm@gmail.com

Property line of teak farm with fence

Over 13 hectars (32+ acres) of titled certified teak farm. The teak trees have been recently cut, so the farm can be used as a teak farm again or re-developed. The Tress will begin to re-grown themselves.

Más de 13 hectáreas (acres) de 32+ titulado granja de teca certificada. Los árboles de teca han sido recientemente cortado, por lo que la granja puede ser utilizado como una granja de teca de nuevo o re-desarrollado.


Over 13 hectars (32+ acres) of titled certified teak farm. The teak trees have been recently cut, so the farm can be used as a teak farm again or re-developed. The Tress will begin to re-grown themselves.

This is a truly a unique and beautiful property.

The Teak Farm is located in the Province of Chiriquí ( approx. 15 minutes from the capital City of David), which is an unspoiled region for adventurous tourists.

The Area borders; tropical rain forest, eco tourism sites, and is considered the bread basket of Panama. The land is truly considered the best farm land in Panama.

The Teak trees provide a tax free status and provide you and your family the opportunity to obtain practically instantly a Reforestation Visa, permanent residency status, leading to citizenship in a few years. At maturity, the revenue from the trees should yield enough for you to recover your investment, leaving you with the land free and clear and ready for you to plant more trees, should you wish.

There is a small caretakers family home that simply needs some TLC. There are also tremendous potential for building sites if you want to build more on the property. Your farm would also make an excellent eco-lodge or healing center, while waiting for your tree investment to mature.

A major advantage is that your gentleman hobby is fully supported by the local city electricity company, making everything very easy to do on your property. There is also a wonderfully clean and drinkable water natural spring, which is used by the caretaker family. Additionally, you have access to the city water supply, as a complete backup.

The farm is about 3 km from the (A1 Highway) American Panamanian Highway and about 15minutes to the City of David and only minutes to the beautiful Pacific Ocean and its white sandy beaches.

The area will take your breath away and it truly depicts the expression “one of a kind.” The only issue with the property is you may never want to leave.

If you are interested in a self-sufficient, self sustaining, abundant water, gorgeous views, private, safe locale , this is it.

The property is fenced for horses.

The teak farm is fully registered and has a forestry certification, therefore tax exonerated.

The teak farm has a wonderful new road fronting the property, which allows for easy and pleasant access to the city or the beach.

There are two small rivers, and a freshwater spring 100% pure drinking water running through your dream hobby farm.

Fertile soil, good for other tropical woods as well.

Great returns for possible housing project due to increasing real estate prices within the area.

Paved Road up to the property and stone road within property.

Electricity is connected to your farm house.

Cool breeze year long, near rural communities with peaceful people, cattle ranchers and farmers who lead a traditional way of life.

Some private housing projects for retirees from U.S. and other countries nearby.

 No Reasonable Offered Refused / No Ofrecido Razonable Rechazó

 With your investment of you and your family can immediately apply for full resident status in Panama.

A purchaser can also buy the shares of the Company that the teak farm is held in Company Incorporated in Panama, 2003



At the intersection of dirt roads leading to Resume Sector and The Pita Alanje to School 1.20km “Pedregalito Education Center” and 2.80km of the Pan American Highway (Entrance of Victoria), Sector Pedregalito , Pedregal Township, District of Boqueron, Chiriqui Province.

Description of the land:

Irregularly shaped and mostly flat topography largely covered by teak wood trees and shrubs to the sector, it is travezado by two streams of water. It occupies an area registered in the Public Registry of 13 ha 2614.71m2 or 132,614.71 m2.

DESCRIPTION OF Caretaker house on Farm:

Living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and one bathroom. Also, the area is semi-open portal and back terrace.

Facilities: Telephone / electricity / septic tank / Aqueduct, spring water well.

Mineral Rights included in Purchase

A purchaser can also buy the shares of the Company that the teak farm is held in Company Incorporated in Panama, 2003

For further information please email: panamateakfarm@gmail.com

Incentives for Reforestation Investors:

• Tax deductible investment

• Tax exemption on Capital Gains, Income, Property, transfer, dividend and sales

• Needed equipment to develop a reforestation related project can be imported tax-free

• Exports to the US are tax exempt in the US

• With a $80 K investment, investor becomes eligible for Panamanian residency and a Resident Visa

• Reforestation and its industrialization investments are 100% taxable income deductible

• Reforestation related investments have tax exempt interest payments, dividend payments, and capital gains

• In Canada the investment is 91% deductible from taxable income.


The Teak Farm qualifies purchasers/investors to the:

Panama Reforestation Visas

There are two options to choose for Panama Reforestation Visas:

1. Panama Reforestation Small Investment Visa involves a minimum investment of $60,000 and at least (3) hectares in a government certified reforestation project. This is a six (6) year temporary resident visa, extendable every two (2) years, and cannot be converted into a permanent residency visa or lead to Panama citizenship. In addition to the named applicant personally making the investment, a corporation can also make the investment. A $2,000 investment must be made for each dependent (spouse and/or children) the applicant chooses to include.  The specific requirements can be found at Panama Better Business Bureau:

2. Panama Reforestation Large Investment Visa

This Residency Visa is permanent and requires an investment of $80,000 minimum as well as the purchase of at least five (5) hectares within a Panama government certified reforestation project, forest plantation, or other authorized project. This Panama Reforestation Visa can lead to Permanent Residency and then toward Panama Citizenship. After two (2) years, the applicant for the Visa can choose to become a permanent resident of Panama.


Some fun in Panama

A School pf Dolphins as seen on a ferry traveling to the Pearl Island of Panama

Dolphins in the wild


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